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Provided over $1 billion in tax savings for Granite Staters over the next 10 years

Allocated nearly $400 million to mitigate property taxes, with $100 million dedicated to cutting the statewide property tax

Lowered the Meals & Rooms tax by 5.5%

Exempted over 30,000 small businesses in the state from filing taxes by raising minimum business tax thresholds

Created the Governor's Office for Emergency Relief and Recovery to oversee the fair and transparent disbursement of the $1.25 billion CARES Act funds to businesses, communities, and organizations

Allocated $400,000,000 to New Hampshire small businesses through the Main Street Relief Fund

VETOED the Democrats' income tax

STOPPED a 17 cent per gallon gas tax increase

Business taxes at their lowest this century

Lowest poverty rate in the nation

Legalized spots betting, generating millions in new state revenue

Networked hundreds of out-of-state businesses to relocate to New Hampshire

Eliminated over 1,600 burdensome government regulations

Created the Department of Business and Economic Affairs

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