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Increased education spending by $140 million

Launched the New Hampshire Career Academy, making free college tuition possible for New Hampshire high schoolers - at no cost to taxpayers

Established full-day kindergarten

Froze tuition at the University and Community College System

Returned $62 million back to cities and towns for school infrastructure projects

Returned $9 million to the University System, making a critical investment to double the amount of nurses in New Hampshire

Restarted the Nurse Practitioner Program at the Community College System

Secured $26.8 million in federal grant funding for preschool development at the University System of New Hampshire's Early Childhood Center for Excellence

Allocated $5 million to higher education scholarships

Created Education Freedom Accounts, providing flexibility for families and students to receive the education best fit to meet their needs

Established the New Hampshire Robotics Fund to prepare students for work in the 21st century

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