• Historic expansion of unemployment benefits to provide financial relief to those adversely affected by the COVID-19 global pandemic
  • Created the Governor’s Office for Emergency Relief and Recovery to oversee the fair and transparent disbursement of the $1.25 billion CARES Act funds to businesses, communities, and organizations
  • Allocated $400,000,000 to New Hampshire small businesses through the Main Street Relief Fund
  • VETOED the Democrats' income tax
  • STOPPED a 17 cent per gallon gas tax increase
  • Business taxes at their lowest this century
  • Lowest poverty rate in the nation
  • Legalized sports betting, generating millions in new state review
  • Networked hundreds of out-of-state businesses to relocate to New Hampshire
  • Eliminated over 1,600 burdensome government regulations
  • Created the Department of Business and Economic Affairs
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