• Increased education spending by $140 million
  • Launched the New Hampshire Career Academy, making free college tuition possible for New Hampshire high schoolers – at no cost to taxpayers
  • Established full-day kindergarten
  • Froze tuition at the University and Community College System
  • Returned $62 million back to cities and towns for school infrastructure projects
  • Returned $9 million to the University System, making a critical investment to double the amount of nurses in New Hampshire
  • Restarted the Nurse Practitioner Program at the Community College System
  • Secured $26.8 million in federal grant funding for preschool development at the University System of New Hampshire’s Early Childhood Center for Excellence
  • $5 million in higher education scholarships
  • Greater school choice for New Hampshire families
  • Established the New Hampshire Robotics Education Fund to prepare students for work in the 21st century
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